Get high-performing videos featuring your top customers

Cast enables businesses to produce on-brand customer videos and leverage them in paid campaigns to get better results, without added costs or creative bottlenecks

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Create a stream of breakthrough creative to drive continuous growth

Create a stream of breakthrough creative to drive continuous growth

Capturing real moments with the genuine creativity from your customers is more effective than scripted content. It’s not replicable, and completely authentic

End-to-end video engine

Cast is the only solution that automates customer video creation and moderation, streamlines editing, and provides you with powerful video management and content discovery tools


Win at paid performance

Get high-quality videos built for social and increase ROAS, CPA, and CPI across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.


Drive growth with authentic, on-brand videos

Receive native video creatives built according to your brand guidelines and edited with conversion top of mind, ready to use on every marketing platform.


Get better results with zero effort 

Our platform is fully automated and autonomous — producing ready-to-go video content for you, fast. No more briefs, negotiations, product seeding, or weeks waiting for content.


Reach customers in every language & location

Let your real customers do the talking with hyper-personalized video content that speaks their language and hits all the cultural nuances.

Create top-performing content in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Onboard in just a few clicks

Select your preferred marketing platforms, the number of videos required, and language preferences

Step 2

Cast your customers and the filming begins!

We’ll provide you with a diverse list of creators, approve your cast aka customers, and we’ll take care of the filming and editing

Step 3

Get conversion-optimized and edited videos for all platforms

You’ll get high quality authentic videos starring your customers that are ready to publish across multiple social media platforms

Cast’s creative engine delivers engaging content across the globe

Ready to level-up your video performance?